GammaTech Introduces Highly Customizable Ultra-Rugged All-in-One Military PC

FREMONT, CA -- GammaTech Computer Corp. introduces the DURABOOK V10BB, a highly customizable, ultra-rugged, all-in-one computer designed specifically for military and homeland security applications. The unit is compliant with multiple military standards and IP67 specification to meet extremely harsh conditions while providing highly reliable CCCI and battle management capabilities. The V10BB can be tailored to meet specific applications or requirements through optional military connectors, programmable function buttons, and various military I/O interfaces.

Designed and Constructed Tough

Built tough and made specifically for the roughest, harshest, most unforgiving environments, the DURABOOK V10BB meets or exceeds the following military standards.
•MIL-STD-461F: control of electromagnetic interference (EMI); (CE101, CE102, CS101, CS106, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE101, RE102 Ground Army/Navy Mobile, RS101, RS103)
•MIL-STD-810G: vibration, water sealing, sand and dust proofing, salt fog, explosive environment, functional shock, solar radiation, fungus, fluid contamination, temperature shock, acidic atmosphere, gunfire shock, and freeze/thaw conditions.
•MIL-STD-1250: corrosion prevention and deterioration control in electronic components and assemblies
•MIL-STD-1275 (Optional): 28 VDC electrical power systems for military ground vehicles

Highly Customizable

The DURABOOK V10BB provides an amazing level of customization and design capabilities to satisfy virtually any requirement or application. Some of these are: Optional military connector mountings with up to 32 pins; up to 28 programmable function keys; assorted I/O interfaces; selectable interface outputs; fanless thermal solution capability; and various BIOS/OS adaptations.

Protects Valuable Data

To protect valuable data from falling into the wrong hands, the V10BB features a quick-release hard drive, quick data-erase capability, and a distract function.

Quality Control and Reliability

To ensure military-grade quality and government acceptance, GammaTech adheres to the following steps and procedures in the production of the V10BB: ISO-9001, component quality management, vendor quality assurance, incoming quality control, materials AQL inspection, specific project management, monitoring and recording manufacturing process, and ORT (on-going reliability test).

In addition to meeting or exceeding the many military standards and other specifications, GammaTech also assures the V10BB undergoes 100% in/out inspection as well as in-house verification and third-party certification for thermal shock, vibration, humidity water jet, I/O ports, structure pressure, rain, and dust.

Key Features
•Multi-Function Display
10.6" (1024 x 768) LCD display comes equipped with either resistive single or multi-touch screen; here-to-there 178° viewing angle; special night mode; and optical bonding with EMI mesh to optimize direct sunlight readability.
•High Performance Processor
The unit is powered by an Intel® Broadwell MCP processor and supports both 4GB or 8GB on-board memory and a 2.5" wide temperature 500GB SATA SSD.
•Thinnest all-in-one tactical PC: 2.25"; 11 pounds
•Supports SSD Quick-Release and quick data erase/distract function to protect valuable data
•Built with aluminum-alloy for highest precision and EMC/EMI performance
•Magnesium alloy case is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic
•C face – including keyboard, keypad, buttons, and indicators – is designed for exceptional spill protection
•Auto power on/off when DC-IN / VCC on/off with selectable timer setting
•Independent chassis rounding
•Operates in coldest of temperatures to hottest: -51°F to 160°F; humidity range: 5% to 95%
•Operates in heights up to 15,000 feet
•Optional video capture card


The DURABOOK V10BB now available for ordering and shipping.

For more information and pricing details:

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