G2 Microsystems Demos Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System

ATLANTA, GA /PRNewswire/ -- G2 Microsystems Inc., at SAPPHIRE '07, revealed first-time demonstrations of its new Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System. The new solution leverages existing Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) technology to help solve the number-one problem facing supply chain managers -- the limited visibility of their product's status throughout the supply chain.

"If your product could talk, you would always be informed of its condition and status," said John Gloekler, president and CEO of G2 Microsystems. "Our Wi-Fi asset tracking system is the next best thing, delivering critical information at the edge of the supply chain."

The G2 Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System eliminates "blind spots" by providing location information as well as asset condition information like temperature, tamper, tilt, shock and light exposure. The system uses Wi-Fi Asset Tags and the G2 Tag Engine to provide asset status and condition data at key distribution points throughout the supply chain. When exceptions are detected against business rules, events are generated in SAP Event Management, which will automatically trigger alerts and change workflows.

By architecting the solution with Cisco and SAP, G2 is demonstrating how brand owners can own the tracking process, rather than depend on third parties to capture vital data on their products in transit. Wi-Fi tracking is the only solution that doesn't require additional hardware infrastructure or software integration at each supply chain node, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership. This solution is particularly compelling for tracking high value assets, fragile items, or items that require special handling like chemicals and cold chain products.

Seamless Interaction with SAP Applications
G2's Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System can enhance the value proposition of the SAP Supply Chain Management solution. The G2 Tag Engine captures and passes relevant location and condition information to SAP Event Management, which will orchestrate a response to the exceptions detected. In addition, SAP Event Management will present a dashboard with role-based information to each of the different parties involved in the process, and will populate appropriate business intelligence reports to monitor the performance of the process at hand.

Utilizing Cisco Systems' Expertise
Wi-Fi access points have grown exponentially over the last five years. Demand to support wireless barcode readers, PDAs, tablet PCs and other devices has extended Wi-Fi beyond the enterprise to manufacturing floors, warehouses, and distribution centers. By utilizing Cisco's Unified Wireless Network, a Wi-Fi asset tag can transmit location and sensor information from a supply chain partner's facility while maintaining the integrity of the partner's network security. This is accomplished with the EAP-FAST protocols used by RADIUS servers in most companies throughout the world.

"The promise of secured global asset tracking is very exciting," said Pat Calhoun, chief technology officer for the Wireless Networking Business Unit at Cisco Systems. "Leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure adds a fresh twist and results in a lowered total cost of ownership and faster time-to-deployment."

Join the G2 Quick Start Program
Following SAPPHIRE, G2 Microsystems, with the cooperation of Cisco Systems and SAP, will work with a limited number of companies on pilots. The plan is to run pilots through the end of 2007 with full deployments rolling out in 2008. For more information, contact Craig Doud, G2 Business Development [email protected].

About G2 Microsystems
G2 Microsystems designs and markets a variety of ultra-low power, application-specific Wi-Fi solutions. From system-on-chip ICs designed for real-time locating systems and wireless sensing to Wi-Fi-based asset tracking tags, G2 Microsystems leverages its low-power expertise to deliver Wi-Fi solutions for a range of battery-powered applications.

G2 Microsystems is privately-held and has headquarters in the U.S. and research and development teams in Australia. Major investors in the company include Siemens Venture Capital, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Starfish Ventures and Accede Capital. G2 Microsystems can be contacted at their US corporate headquarters in Campbell, CA, at +1-408-626-4812 or at the company's Web site.

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