Fully Disposable Medical Wearable Is Functionally Indispensable

VitalConnect’s Vital Patch is a health monitoring device targeting the field of TeleHealth. According to its maker, never has such a small device provided so much valuable information for physicians and nurses. The state-of-the-art biosensor monitors eight physiological measurements continuously, in real time, providing clinical-grade accuracy without the hassle of traditional monitoring equipment.


The FDA Class 2 device is cleared for home and hospital use. It is a single-use, fully-disposable component, features preferred by caregivers to minimize infection. It has a five-day wear duration (120 hours), however another biosensor is applied if longer monitoring times are required.

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And the sensor provides live, stored, and continuous patient data. Up to 10 hours of storage time is available on the biosensor. 

For more details and data, visit VitalConnect.

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