Full-Bridge PWM Gates Offer Industry-Standard Control Interface

Full-Bridge PWM Gates Offer Industry-Standard Control Interface
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.

Suitable for both consumer and industrial chores, the latest Axxxx family of full-bridge gate driver ICs drive a wide range of DC brushed motors with simple logic from a microprocessor. The A4955, A4956, and A5957 support motor supply voltages up to 50V and load currents up to 20A. Interface options are offered in three individual products: the A4955 offers parallel control [IN1, IN2, SLEEPn], A4956 offers Phase, Enable, and Mode inputs, and the A5957 offers Phase, Enable, and SLEEPn inputs. Unique features of the A4955, A4956, and A5957 include AIOUT function. Other shared features include internal pulse width modulation (PWM) current control. Pricing in 1,000 quantities is as follows:
• A4955GES - $0.78
• A4955GLP - $0.91
• A4955KLP - $1.07
• A4956GES - $0.78
• A4956GLP - $0.91
• A4956KLP - $1.07
• A5957GES - $0.78

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