FS Laser Addresses Multi-Photon Imaging & Nano-Structuring Tasks

FS Laser Addresses Multi-Photon Imaging & Nano-Structuring Tasks

Measuring 222 mm x 204 mm x 101 mm, the HighQ-2 emerges as an ultra-compact, air-cooled fixed-wavelength industrial femtosecond (fs) laser that delivers short pulses with a peak power greater than 190 kW over a highly-focusable beam profile. These features make the component suitable for fixed-wavelength multi-photon imaging, micro- and nano-structuring, micro- and nano-surgery, and micro-dissection applications. Available in IR and green wavelengths, HighQ-2 also features reliable, 24/7 operation, long-life diodes, and a sealed optical cavity design manufactured in a controlled, clean room environment.

Santa Clara, CA

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