Frost & Sullivan Spotlights MEMSIC’s Pioneering Low-cost, High-performance AMR Sensor Technology for Consumer Electronics and Industrial Applications

Mountain View, CA -- Based on recent analysis of key companies involved in the AMR sensors market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes MEMSIC, Inc as the recipient of the 2016 North American Technology Innovation award. By investing in innovative and effective processes, design, and manufacturing capabilities, MEMSIC has positioned AMR sensor technology to take market share away from Hall sensors, which have performance challenges and limitations.

Compared to Hall magnetic sensors, AMR sensors provide technical advantages, such as a wider air gap; more sensitivity, particularly at room temperature; better immunity to vibrations; and the ability to consume less power.

Available in dual-axis and tri-axial configurations in small integrated circuit (IC) packages, MEMSIC’s AMR sensor technology and product portfolio provide superior performance, compared to competing products, with respect to parameters such as accuracy, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, and range. Furthermore, MEMSIC can provide a single-chip solution that integrates a 3-axis AMR sensor and integrated signal conditioning, created using wafer-level packaging. Such a solution is more compact and cost effective than combo sensors that use separate chips. The technology offers an extended magnetic field range of 100 gauss, even when measurements occur at a 45-degree angle, which allows AMR sensors to be used beyond low-field applications.

MEMSIC’s AMR sensors are already implemented in consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets. The company is striving to expand into diverse applications such as current sensors for applications, including servers, motor control, solar inverters, power supplies, and smart traffic control.

In addition to key opportunities for higher performing AMR sensors in industrial applications such as current sensing, MEMSIC leverages its ability to provide smaller, more monolithically integrated AMR sensors to drive applications pertaining to the emerging Internet of Things arena, such as single-chip or multi-function sensing solutions capable of providing and communicating information from multiple sensing parameters.

Overall, MEMSIC’s AMR sensors have stability, freedom from drift, high bandwidth, low power, and superior accuracy and response times that enable a wider range of applications, including low-cost, high-performance applications that will allow AMR sensors to compete effectively against and potentially displace low-cost Hall sensors. In recognition of this achievement, MEMSIC earns the Frost & Sullivan 2016 Technology Innovation award in the North American AMR sensor industry.

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