Frost & Sullivan Selects BioLife Solutions Cell and Tissue Biopreservation Media for Technology Innovation Leadership Award

BOTHELL, WA -- BioLife Solutions, Inc. announced that Frost & Sullivan has awarded the Company its 2014 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Biopreservation Media.

This award is given to a Biotech company that has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, commercialization success, application diversity, and fulfillment of unmet needs in the company's strategic markets. To determine the recipient of this award, Frost & Sullivan compares competitors and ranks each for relative position via interviews with market participants and extensive secondary research of proprietary data sources. Frost & Sullivan then presents the prestigious award to the company that received the number one industry rank.

Steven Atkinson, Senior Industry Analyst, Life Sciences, commented on the selection of BioLife for this award by stating, "For developing a revolutionary technology that drastically improves the biopreservation of cells, stem-cells, tissues and organs, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to present the 2014 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Biopreservation Media to BioLife Solutions."

Transparency Research forecasts that the worldwide demand for biopreservation media products could grow to over $800 million by 2019.

Mike Rice, BioLife's President & CEO, said, "We are quite honored to receive this technology innovation leadership award from Frost & Sullivan. Over the last several years, we have successfully commercialized our proprietary, clinical grade biopreservation media products, building a highly valued based of customers in our strategic regenerative medicine, biobanking, and drug discovery markets. Growing market awareness of the need for better biopreservation outcomes, in the extension of shelf life and the increase in survival of cells and tissues, has driven adoption of our products. This award goes to our entire team and in particular, Aby J. Mathew, PhD, our Chief Technology Officer, who along with a small team of cryobiology researchers, developed our novel and engineered biopreservation media formulations."

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