Frost & Sullivan Lauds TowerSec with 2016 New Product Innovation Award

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Based on its recent analysis of the automotive software cybersecurity market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes TowerSec with the 2016 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. TowerSec, a leading global automotive software cybersecurity service provider, specializes in delivering onboard cybersecurity technology to vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and telematics vendors.

To support connected services in automobiles, vehicle data needs to be safe and secure. TowerSec addresses this cybersecurity issue in vehicles with two products: ECUSHIELD and TCUSHIELD.

The ECUSHIELD solution has a double perimeter that protects in vehicle communication from internal and external communication channels. The internal channels include the ECUs linked within the vehicle, while the external channels comprise wireless communication channels like mobile technologies as well as wired interfaces like the Diagnostics port.

In addition TowerSec is tapping the fiercely competitive cybersecurity market with proven and tested cybersecurity software solutions that can be easily integrated into existing and future vehicles across different operating systems (OS) without any design changes

TowerSec provides two types of applications for OEMs to choose from—the ECUSHIELD implemented on a gateway, or implemented on an individual ECU. The ECUSHIELD on an individual ECU serves as an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS / IPS), whereas ECUSHIELD implemented on a gateway serves as a smart firewall in addition to being an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS / IPS). Furthermore, the ECUSHIELD integrates across operating systems, hardware designs and network architectures so redesign is not required.

For its cybersecurity products that detect and mitigate malicious communication in real time, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to present TowerSec with the 2016 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation.

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