Frost & Sullivan Honors CapsuleTech

PARIS -- CapsuleTech is the preferred global medical device integration vendor, providing users with actionable data from both patients and connected devices. Based on its recent analysis of the medical device integration solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes CapsuleTech with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. CapsuleTech's vendor-agnostic SmartLinx Medical Device Information System® (MDIS) has emerged as a valuable data management solution that ties together the medical devices across a healthcare enterprise into a unified system that not only captures and distributes patient clinical data, but also makes available operational data about the devices themselves. As SmartLinx is designed as an integrated system rather than a customized set of interfaces, it is easy to implement and utilize, which, in turn, translates to an efficient and highly productive lifecycle.

"Being vendor-neutral, SmartLinx enables hospitals to switch EMR/EHR systems and/or from one device manufacturer to another, while the middleware integration remains intact and continues to adapt to the changing device or information systems landscape," said Frost & Sullivan Sr. Research Analyst Shruthi Parakkal. "CapsuleTech is able to offer this 'seamless' integration by establishing close working relationships with device manufacturers to develop interfaces for device communication protocols."

Almost 90 percent of its customers refer CapsuleTech to their peers, resulting in a high degree of customer loyalty and repeat business. Continuing the conversation with clients through multiple touch points and maintaining a high level of engagement with device manufacturers, as well as IT solution vendors, ensure that CapsuleTech remains the most preferred vendor for medical device integration solutions.

"At the core of the company's product management are the multiple communication channels it maintains with hospitals, device manufacturers and system partners," noted Parakkal. "CapsuleTech performs upgrades seamlessly with support from device manufacturers that consider it a partner during updates of communication protocols."

The company delivers superior customer service through effective planning, proactive management, and thorough testing. During the implementation phase, CapsuleTech trains key clinicians, system administrators and clinical engineers in installing the equipment, so they can pass on the knowledge to other users.

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