Frost & Sullivan Extols Deviser Instruments' Leading-edge PROFILER Range of Analyzers for the Field Network Test Equipment Market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Based on its recent analysis of the field network test equipment market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Deviser Instruments with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Deviser Instruments has emerged a leading contender by rolling out a line of original solutions that provide network operators with deep insights into the signal environment and site infrastructure. Its PROFILER line of products guarantees rapid identification and resolution of network problems and thereby, enhanced network operations at lower operational expenditure (OPEX). It also eliminates capital expenditure on multiple test devices because of its configurable functionalities that allow the testing of different cross technologies.

"Owing to the increased frequency of dropped calls, especially due to signal interference in high data rate networks, Deviser Instruments' equipment focuses on recognizing network issues and immediately fixing them," said Frost & Sullivan Program Manager Olga Yashkova. "Its instruments are of the highest quality; its manufacturing facility is ISO-9001-compliant and its devices undergo strict tests to meet top-notch standards and deliver the best value to customers."

Deviser Instruments' PROFILER product line of test equipment consists of:
•Spectrum analyzers
•SpectrumPROFILER E8400B and E8600B
•Cable and antenna analyzers

These solutions help install, qualify, maintain, and troubleshoot wireless communication systems.

The Spectrum PROFILER E8400B and E8600B spectrum analyzers are the ideal test equipment for wireless networking professionals and system operations teams. They have an industry-leading displayed average noise level (DANL) sensitivity of minus 158 Decibel-milliwatts (dBm), and a phase-noise performance of minus 90dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz offset from carrier signal, supported by a 250 microsecond fast sweep mode.

While E8400B performs up to 4.0 gigahertz (GHz), E86000B functions up to 6.0 GHz. With Fourier Transformation (FFT) techniques, the devices are highly effective in analyzing air interference and conducting transmitter-based signal analysis. These devices are instrumental in refining site transmission coverage, which eliminates network capacity issues.

Meanwhile, Deviser Instruments' SitePROFILER E7000L effectively uses Fiber Scopes and Visual Fault Locators (VFL) to spot damage and an optical power meter to measure optical power levels throughout a fiber site deployment such as FTTA or DAS. It can be easily configured to test fiber-based and RF coaxial-based feedlines with high precision. The device's superior capabilities allow faster commissioning and turning up of sites. The SitePROFILER™ E7000B offers faster detection of cable feedline faults and intermittent signals with better sweep performance and radio frequency (RF) interference immunity.

Importantly, spectrum analyzers can be configured based on evolving customer requirements. For instance, they can be configured to conduct coverage mapping and air interference measurements for long-term evolution (LTE), frequency division duplex (FDD), and time division duplex (TDD).

Besides continuous improvisation of product features, the company stresses superior service experience. It has support teams and service centers in the United States, Belgium, and China, and intends to extend its solution partners' network for better service availability.

"Overall, with its fast sweep, leading frequency resolution, high sensitivity, outstanding phase noise, and dynamic range performances, Deviser Instruments' spectrum analyzers demonstrate an exceptional capability to efficiently detect signals," observes Yashkova. "In addition to being cost effective, Deviser Instruments' test equipment is handheld, battery operated, and easy to use, thus delivering a rewarding customer experience."

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