Frost & Sullivan Applauds SOCOMEC's Innovation Excellence in Developing Scalable, Best-in-Class Products and Solutions

LONDON -- Based on its recent analysis of the UPS market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes SOCOMEC with the 2014 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Company of the Year. SOCOMEC has created a strong brand name for itself by focusing on innovation and technology excellence, identifying the gaps in customer requirements, and providing solutions to fill those gaps. SOCOMEC focuses on the needs of not only the end users but also those of contractors by simplifying system installation and management. For instance, it offers multiple options for cabling and ventilation, thereby eliminating the need to strategize ahead.

SOCOMEC's vast expertise and technological know-how in modular UPS solutions have enabled it to develop a new modular, three-phase UPS that employs an innovative technology, along with a unique design and architecture. The solution consists of redundant power and battery modules engineered into an architecture that makes installation, future extensions, and serviceability much easier and faster.

SOCOMEC's solutions excel in five aspects that are crucial for optimum performance: availability, efficiency, flexibility, capacity management, and sustainability. Furthermore, it employs an exclusive concept called 'Forever Young', wherein, during the product's design phase, SOCOMEC ensures that its product will be compatible with and remain relevant even to future, advanced data centre infrastructure.

One of the key unmet needs of end users in the larger power ranges is securing battery life and enhancing its performance. This is usually done by regularly testing the batteries; however, at the larger power ranges, this is cumbersome. SOCOMEC has addressed this issue by using a part of the battery discharge inside the network, enabling the customer to reuse the energy. This function has been added to SOCOMEC's high-power Green Power range.

"SOCOMEC's BLM solution provides a simplified periodical battery test, and ensures safe operation, with no requirement for temporary installation. The other key advantage is the cost savings that it offers customers," said Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry AnalystGautham Gnanajothi. "As it re-uses battery energy, it eliminates the need to rent and install a dedicated load bank, as well as the need for dedicated electrical infrastructure. Its three-level technology provides users with 96 percent efficiency."

Importantly, SOCOMEC has a transversal group comprising participants from different departments within the company, specifically focused on generating innovative ideas by leveraging diversified internal expertise. SOCOMEC also collaborates with battery manufacturers to enhance its product offerings. It has a strong R&D department, which boasts excellent capabilities in power electronics. Due to its dedication to innovation, SOCOMEC pioneered the three-level transformer-less high power UPS unit.

SOCOMEC also has a clear financial goal, which is to ensure that its revenue growth is higher than the market average; it has achieved this over the past three years. In 2012, the organisation was refocused based on its four strategic business areas: critical power, power control and safety, solar power, and energy efficiency. This enabled the company to deliver more coherent offerings and specialized solutions.

"Apart from business and product development, SOCOMEC excels in delivering unrivalled after-sales service," noted Gnanajothi. "The company has gained a reputation for its service capabilities and comprehensive service packages, which ultimately translates to its revenue and market growth."

"At SOCOMEC we have a long-standing reputation for Innovation," said Denis Sallee, Marketing Director of SOCOMEC's Critical Power Business Application. "We are delighted to receive this new prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan. It shows our commitment to deliver to our customers, best-in class solutions for their Critical and Secure Power applications."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in devising a strong growth strategy and robustly implementing it. The recipient has shown strength in terms of innovation in products and technologies, leadership in customer value as well as speed in response to market needs. In short, the award looks at the emerging market players in the industry and recognizes their best practices that are positioned for future growth excellence.


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