Frost & Sullivan Applauds Gefran's Highly Customizable, Large-display 1350 Proportional Integral Derivative Controller

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Based on its recent analysis of the proportional integral derivative (PID) controller market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Gefran with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership. Gefran's PID controller, the 1350, identifies machine errors, suggests corrective measures, and enables customizations based on end-user needs. It has an energy monitor function that can alert the user of a possible breakdown and helps prevent unexpected system shutdowns by giving operators ample time to schedule maintenance in advance. Its settings, alarms, and messages are displayed on a large screen, which lowers safety risks and increases time and labor savings.

"The 1350's display area, measuring 83 mm by 68 mm, is the biggest in the market, which means that the screen can display the full message clearly and in the user's preferred language," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Archit Kohli. "The controller has three displays; the first shows the actual present value, the second shows the set point, and the third checks for direct and immediate interaction during the initial configuration and operation."

These controllers can be configured easily with the GF_eXpress programming tool for the computer. Gefran's PID controllers can be connected to a communication network using the MODBUS communication standard, which is one of the most widely adopted industrial communication standards. Furthermore, the 1350 is password protected, which ensures that the data stored is secure and not vulnerable to misuse.

The company is one of the first to develop a PID controller with a message storage facility and can store up to 300 messages. The solution is customized to the users' needs, and the operators can choose from three languages.

The temperature on the controller is visible at a distance due to its large numbers and a white-on-black contrast on a large liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Gefran has also ensured that the controller is a user-friendly human machine interface and highly configurable because the customer can require the desired frame color.

The 1350 is supported by Zapper, a portable, battery-powered configurator that allows the operator to save and store up to four programs. Additionally, operators can copy/paste parameters when the PID controller power supply is off. The packaging of the controller is specifically studied to allow the configuration of the product "on the shelf."

Gefran's PID controller services rely on distribution networks, which consist of 70 authorized distributors. With banks and companies lining up to invest in the end-user industries of plastic and food processing in the near future, Gefran is expected to enjoy a surge in the sales of the 1350 PID controller.

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