FreeWave Technologies Helps Energy And Utility Companies Bridge IoT Solutions

HOUSTON, TX -- FreeWave Technologies showcases its award-winning wireless M2M communications solutions, presenting a technical paper on wireless M2M hybrid networking, and appearing on a vendor shootout panel discussing SCADA Threats and Challenges at ENTELEC2015. "We are excited to see our partners and customers in Houston this week, as we continue to go after emerging opportunities in enabling the Industrial Internet of Things," said Scott Allen, CMO of FreeWave Technologies. "The proliferation of industrial Ethernet solutions combined with the use of advanced wireless I/O technologies provides the unique ability to interface with any machine and sensor in the field, which means improved decision making capabilities for geographically dispersed energy and utility organizations."

FreeWave will be showcasing a full range of its wireless M2M offerings, including:

• WavePoint 10e:
• WaveContact:
• IO Expansion:
• HT-PE:
• FGR2-PE:
• FGR2-IO: 
• FGR2-CE:
• GX-C:
• LRS455:
• Cellular Bridge:

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