FreeWave Releases 900-MHz IO Series Radio

BOULDER, CO /PRNewswire/ -- FreeWave Technologies, one of the largest independent providers of high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radio products and services, announced the final release of its FGR2-IOS wireless spread spectrum radio in multiple configurations. The FGR2-IOS radio and related IO system components complement FreeWave's existing line of IO radios (FGRIO-M, FGRIO-S).

FreeWave's FGR2-IOS (30VIO) radio provides outstanding performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals. The FGR2-IOS provides long-range remote control and monitoring of tanks, lifting stations, pumps, flow meters, fluid levels, water sources, temperatures, and pressures typical of the water/wastewater and oil and gas industries.

Eliminating the need for signal wire connections at the master and thereby greatly reducing costs, the FGR2-IOS delivers data from remote analog and digital devices over a wireless link to a remote terminal unit or programmable logic controller.

The FGR2-IOS radio with embedded IO functions is available either as a board-level device or in an enclosure. Both versions operate in one of two modes: Modbus and wire replacement. In Modbus mode, the FGR2-IOS can be directly connected as an IO peripheral to a SCADA network. For wire replacement (wireless signal replication), the FGR2-IOS can operate as a slave linked to an FGRIO-M (master) radio. The enclosed version also includes switchable and protected internal resistors for convenience when using 4–20 mA sensors.

Wireless IO Applications
FreeWave IO radios can be used in a broad range of industrial applications. Some applications served today include:

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Plunger lift control
  • Pump off control
  • Valve control
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Compressor-station monitoring and control

FGR2-IOS Key Features

  • Range: 60 miles, with clear line of site
  • Output power: 1 W
  • Input voltage: 6–30 VDC
  • Enclosure: A new, ruggedized enclosure, available with a din rail mount or mounting shoe
  • Compatibility: Talks over the air with FGR serial radios and FGRIO-S radios

Common Features of Existing FGR2-IOS, FGRIO-S Radios
Features common to both the new FGR2-IOS and the existing FGRIO-S radios include:

  • High resolution
  • Low power consumption
  • IO counts:
      AO-2, in Modbus on the FGR2-IOS
      DI-4, in wire replacement mode; 6 in Modbus mode
      Sensor power control
  • Programmable for either wire replacement mode or Modbus mode
  • Integrator's IO (all-in-one) Solar Kit

New Integrator's Solar Power Kit
In addition, FreeWave also announced the new Integrator's IO Solar Power Kit that provides an all-in-one solar kit for IO radios to simplify ordering into a one-step process. The new solar kit is ideally suited for sourcing and sizing solar systems for power remote use at IO locations. It can be used with either a whip antenna for short-range, line-of-sight applications or with an external antenna, both of which come separately. The kit is recommended for use with FreeWave IO radios and is ready to set up with clear, easy instructions.

All configurations of FreeWave's new FGR2-IOS are available now for shipment.

About FreeWave
Founded in 1993, FreeWave Technologies is a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of ISM band radios and wireless data solutions that are trusted for mission-critical applications around the world. Based in Boulder, CO, the company offers network design, path studies, and pre-installation engineering services to ensure reliable, error free data flow in the most challenging RF environments. FreeWave is the "only long-term radio provider with 100% backward compatibility with fully integrated, best-in-class engineered products." For additional information, contact FreeWave directly at 866-923-6168 or at [email protected].

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