Freewave Launches Cathodic-Protection Remote-Monitoring Radio

BOULDER, CO -- FreeWave Technologies, one of the largest independent providers of high-performance, spread-spectrum, and licensed radio products and services, announced the launch of its low-cost, robust, secure FGRCP Industrial 900-MHz cathodic-protection (CP) remote monitoring radio.

The FGRCP radio is a multi-purpose, spread-spectrum, board-level product, with specific inputs and outputs for monitoring and reporting operational values on pipelines, tanks, structures, and other underground facilities subject to environmental corrosion. In the corrosion-prevention industry, the FGRCP monitors pipe-to-soil test stations, rectifier stations, critical bonds, interference points, pipeline-pressure stations, and pipeline scrubbing stations.

The FGRCP automates the remote monitoring of critical pipes and culverts to identify and prevent corrosion that can lead to leaks, groundwater contamination, and other such adverse scenarios affecting overall water quality, supply, and/or public safety.

"An aging pipeline infrastructure, combined with increased legislation, has forced oil and gas companies, for example, to look for new, more efficient and effective solutions to remotely monitor and optimize the long-term performance of these buried assets," explained David Southern, P.E., Product Development Manager for FreeWave. "Our cathodic-protection solution is an ideal one for pipeline and tank companies and water/wastewater interests wishing to extend their investment in telemetry automation to cathodic-protection structures as well."

The 900-MHz FGRCP radio is also available in a pre-assembled LineMarker Test Station, with solar-power system, antenna, and conduit mounting bracket. As with all FreeWave radios, there is no issue with obsolescence of the technology as FreeWave offers 100% backward compatibility.

The FGRCP board-level and LineMarker Test Station products are currently available for shipment. Additional information regarding FreeWave's cathodic protection solutions, including detailed specifications, is available by contacting the company at 800-548-5616.

About FreeWave
Founded in 1993, FreeWave Technologies is a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of ISM band radios and wireless data solutions that are trusted for mission-critical applications around the world. Based in Boulder, CO, the company offers network design, path studies, and pre-installation engineering services to ensure reliable, error-free data flow under any condition and in all environments. FreeWave is the "only long-term radio provider with 100% backward compatibility, with fully integrated, best-in-class engineered products." For additional information, contact FreeWave directly at 866-399-4930 or [email protected].