Free Handbook Eases PID Apps

Free Handbook Eases PID Apps
RAE Systems Inc.

This book describes the theory, performance and applications of direct-reading photoionization detectors (PIDs). Photoionization is a well-established detection method developed originally for use with high-performance, laboratory-size gas chromatographs (GCs). Smaller GC/PIDs described as transportable, allow measurements to be performed in the field, but generally still require a fixed power supply and have limited mobility. This book focuses on handheld, direct-reading PIDs that are battery-powered and thus provide complete freedom of movement. Some PIDs that are fixed-mounted or pre-filtered are described. However, systems with high-resolution separation prior to the PID are purposefully excluded. The book is intended to assist the user in the operation and in the interpretation of field measurements for such applications as industrial hygiene, chemical process control, emergency chemical release response, and environmental clean-up. Ultimately, we hope the book will help the industrial, government and public community to provide a safer workplace and a cleaner environment. Download the book free of charge at

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