Free Guide to PCB Design A Hitchhikers Delight

EMA Design Automation is offering a free eBook titled, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to PCB Design, a resource for electrical engineers seeking to understand the complexities involved in PCB design.  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to PCB Design, a play off the original Douglas Adams novel, offers a cheeky, easy-to-understand dive into the PCB design and manufacturing process.


The eBook takes the reader on the journey of Ian, a new EE getting his footing in PCB design. In Ian’s first project, he makes some major mistakes which produces a design that cannot be manufactured.  However, thanks to the input and advice of several industry veterans, Ian is given a crash course on how to design a successful, manufacturable board and assembly.

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With over 100 pages of real-world, actionable tips from experienced industry professionals and several checklists, detailed graphics, and links to additional resources, engineers are provided with the foundational knowledge needed for design success, no matter what CAD software they may use. 


This eBook will help engineers learn how to identify and communicate effectively with key stakeholders, set up a successful design workflow, and avoid common design missteps, addressing such items as: 

  • How to create a robust and manufacturable PCB layout beyond routing the rats 
  • Who your project stakeholders are and why their involvement is essential for design success 
  • Why it's important to incorporate DFX (Design for Excellence) and the many topics it covers 
  • Design best practices you need to know. 


If you’re ready to learn, download The Hitchhiker’s Guide to PCB Design.

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