Fraunhofer EMFT Signs Agreement to Apply ZiBond And DBI Technologies in MEMS Applications

SAN JOSE, CA --- Invensas Corporation announces that Fraunhofer EMFT has signed a new license agreement to incorporate ZiBond and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) technologies into their portfolio of foundry services. This agreement expands Fraunhofer EMFT’s world-class MEMS manufacturing capabilities with the most advanced 3D integration technologies available.

ZiBond and DBI technologies are cost-effective, versatile 2.5D and 3D semiconductor integration solutions that enable leading edge functionality and accelerate time to market for MEMS and multiple other semiconductor products. ZiBond and DBI bonding can be performed at room temperature without requiring bond pressure. Bonding is typically completed in less than a minute for an entire wafer, substantially reducing manufacturing cost.

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