FPC Connector Sports 0.2-mm Pitch

FPC Connector Sports 0.2-mm Pitch
KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.

Kyocera’s 6866 Series FPC connector achieves a 0.2-mm pitch, affording it ample employment in smartphones, feature phones, and wearable devices. The connectors specify a stacking height of 0.95 mm on the board and a width of 2.7 mm. Featuring a bottom contact and front lock, the components can be applied to FPC/FFC thicknesses of 0.3 mm. Furthermore, misalignments such as slanted insertions can be found visually by utilizing FPCs with tabs. Tech drawings are available at http://www.kyocera-connector.com/en/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/6866.pdf. For more info, visit http://www.kyocera-connector.com/en/news/products/2014/11/27/6138

KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.
Greenville, SC
Santa Clara, CA

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Company: KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.
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