Four Reasons Why Batteries Fail in Winter and How This Can be Prevented

When temperatures drop, automotive batteries are known to fail. We always advise our clients to make sure they know the condition of their vehicle's battery. For a majority of drivers, the battery is unnoticeable unless the engine refuses to start. Every third car breakdown is caused by the electrical system. A healthy battery reduces the risk of breakdowns, especially when temperatures fall below zero.

In cooperation with selected partners Johnson Controls has tested more than 67,000 vehicles in Europe. The company found out that every fourth car driver has a weak battery, with a high potential of underperformance of the vehicle or even car breakdown.

"Extreme temperatures, irregular use, short trips and the age of a vehicle influence the starting power of a battery," says Dr. Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President Engineering at automotive battery manufacturer Johnson Controls. He explains the four main causes of battery failure - extreme temperatures, irregular use, short trips, age of vehicle - and how drivers can safeguard against it.

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