Fortress Supports Wireless Reach-Back Project

LANSDOWNE, VA--(Marketwire ) -- Fortress Technologies, a leading provider of secure wireless solutions, today announced that it is supporting a Wireless Reach-Back (WRB) project for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Program Manager for Training Systems (PMTRASYS), Orlando, FL. WRB will provide wideband wireless capabilities in support of fixed and mobile users on USMC tactical training ranges, enabling them to pass critical information in a dynamic environment.

"The aim of the WRB project is to improve ground and air tracking capability on training ranges," said Don Gunnell, Lead Project Engineer for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division. "This program provides voice, video and data communications to military personnel on the range—whether on foot or in vehicles—ensuring important information is being relayed during training exercises. WRB will make these exercises safer and more effective."

As part of the project, Fortress teamed with Luxul Wireless, a leading innovator of patented high-performance wireless signal technologies, to enable the wireless signals to transmit over the 4.4 GHz band, which is specifically authorized for federal government users and limits interference that could negatively affect network performance. Fortress' Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) validated ES520 secure wireless bridges were combined with Luxul Shock-WAV frequency translating amplifiers (FTAs) to provide the secure wireless capability over the alternative spectrum. The Fortress solution was selected because it was able to meet both the distance and AES security requirements for the project.

"ES520s will be placed in National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) enclosures on towers on five mountain tops and other fixed user locations across the first training range," said Dana Kuntz, Vice President, Federal Sales, Fortress. "Combined with the Luxul FTAs, the solution provides high bandwidth voice, video and data functionality across long distances. In addition, the Fortress/Luxul combination received operational J/F-12 spectrum certification from the Department of Defense (DoD) for this solution, which enables the use of the 4.4 GHz band. This allows us to potentially replicate WRB at other DoD ranges within the United States and Possessions (US&P)."

The ES520 is an "all-in-one" network access device that combines the features of a wireless access point, bridge, Ethernet switch and FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption in a small, rugged, weatherized form factor. The Luxul Shock-WAV FTA converts commercial-off-the-shelf 5 GHz wireless LAN technologies to the 4.4 GHz government protected band by using its bi-directional frequency translator and amplifier.

About Fortress Technologies
Fortress Technologies designs, develops and manufactures products that allow our customers to deploy secure wireless networks that comply with stringent government policies. Fortress provides industry-leading security and wireless technologies that extend the reach of networks, bringing applications and information to those who need it, when and where they need it. Fortress enables immediate "on demand" secure voice, video and data communications virtually anywhere and across all wired or wireless transports including Wi-Fi (802.11), WiMAX (802.16), free space optics (FSO) and Military RF. Fortress products are currently deployed in some of the world's most demanding environments, supporting vital operations that include deployable communications, disaster recovery and continuity of operations (DR/COOP), perimeter and border security, outdoor wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless video surveillance and vehicle networks.

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