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HSI Sensing Form C Reed Switch
HSI Sensing

HSI Sensing (Hermetic Switch, Inc.), Chickasaw, OK, has introduced a quality line of high-power, high-voltage reed switches -- engineered for the unique demands of fluid processing applications -- now includes the world’s highest-power Form C reed switch.

Engineered with tungsten contacts, the HSR-933W boasts a power rating of 100 watts, making it 25% more powerful than any other Form C available. It can also be modified to carry up to 400 watts, giving it up to five times more power than the nearest competitor.

Other specs stack up as well. At 500 volts AC or DC, the HSR-933W’s switching voltage rating is more than twice that of any other Form C. Its switching current rating of 3.0 amps is also double that of any competitive switch. And switching voltage, voltage breakdown, and voltage holdoff also outshine any other Form C switch in the industry.

“For customer applications that demand a consistent, reliable reed switch in a high-power environment, we absolutely have the most powerful Form C in the world for that package” says HSI Sensing president David Posey.

Posey lists industrial and chemical plant valves, position signaling, valve position monitoring, hazardous chemical level detection, and liquid level signals among suitable applications for the company’s full line of high-voltage reed switches. And all switches are precision-manufactured with hermeticallysealed tungsten contacts, which give them extended life in extreme environments; make them immune from oxidation, dust, and other particles; and provide consistent, reliable operation rated for millions of cycles.

Any switch can also be customized to fit a customer’s device or application.

“If they want a customized housing that has their name and part number on it, we can do that,” says Posey. “We can also customize the sensitivity and power ratings, and even provide special wire lengths to reach their control box.”

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Company: HSI Sensing
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 405-224-4046

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