Force/Torque Sensor from ATI Industrial Automation

Force/Torque Sensor from ATI Industrial Automation
ATI Industrial Automation

ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, NC, offers the Mini85 six-axis force/torque sensor developed for humanoid robot applications. Used in the robot's ankle joint, the sensor sends force feedback to control the robot's motion. The hardened steel transducer has integral parts of aircraft aluminum, weighs 1.4 lb., and is 3.35 in. dia. by 1.17 in. high. Max. Fx, Fy is ±200 lbf., max. Tx, Ty is ±440 lbf-in. The system measures all 6 components of force and torque and combines the transducer, shielded high-flex cable, and DA system or stand-alone controller.

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Company: ATI Industrial Automation
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