Flowthrough Pressure Transducer from DJ Instruments

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DJ Instruments

The LV2 low-volume, thru-Flow pressure transducer from DJ Instruments, Billerica, MA, is offered for pressure ranges from 5000–30,000 psig and has an internal volume of approximately 1 µL. Accuracy is within 0.25% F.S. and output is either a voltage signal or 4–20 mA. Suited for use in PLC and other analytical and processing applications that require accurate pressure sensing, the sensors have 100% swept ID surfaces to prevent trapping of particulates and contamination and to prevent turbulence. The devices are constructed of 6AI4V titanium, resist shock and vibration, and provide EMI protection.

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Company: DJ Instruments
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-215-3401
Fax: 978-667-6804

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