Flowmeters from GE Sensing

Flowmeters from GE Sensing
GE Sensing

GE Sensing, Billerica, MA, offers the PanaFlow MV multivariable vortex and PanaFlow ISX transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters. The PanaFlow MV measures flow, temperature, pressure, density, and mass flow using a single point of contact. Available in both insertion and inline models, the flowmeter provides stable and reliable measurement for high-temperature and high-velocity steam, liquids, and gases in applications such as power generation, industrial, commercial, oil and gas, and petrochemical. The PanaFlow ISX ultrasonic, 2-wire loop-powered flowmeter is a multipath wetted flowmeter suited for a variety of liquid applications, including hydrocarbon liquids, water, solvents, weak acids, petroleum products, lubricating oils, diesel fuel oil, and chemicals.

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