Flow Transmitter Integrates Digital Signal Processing

AW-LAKE COMPANY and KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH (KEM) expand their TRICOR line of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters to include both standard and advanced flow meters and the addition of the TCD 9000 Series Transmitters that incorporate digital signal processing (DSP). The TCM “CLASSIC” Series meets general industrial requirements out of the box while the TCMP "PRO” Series offers environmentally-hardened units with advanced performance specifications and diagnostic capabilities for operation in challenging environments.


TCM CLASSIC Series includes:

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•          TCE 8000 transmitters with an easy-to-use interface

•          Economically-priced, standard calibration

•          Optional custom-calibrated meters with high performance specifications


The TCMP PRO Series includes:


•          TCD 9000 transmitters with digital signal processing and advanced diagnostics

•          Applicable for challenging liquid fluid conditions

•          Strong logging and traceability functions

•          Report fraction concentrations of two-part mixtures

•          Flexible I/O configurations 1-4 channels fully configurable with programmable IO options


Other TCD 9000 features include:

•          Higher flow and density accuracy

•          Improved zero stability

•          Higher immunity against process noise

•          Gas void fraction improvement

•          Extremely fast response

•          Application adaptive filtering

•          Greater temperature stability

•          Sensor checking and troubleshooting wizards


Operating from one universal power supply (24 V to 240 V), the TCD 9000 Series Flow Transmitters feature a large graphical display, SD card connectivity as well as logging and traceability functions. Units are available with direct or remote mounts and Profibus PA, Profibus DP, Modbus, or HART communication protocols. The transmitter is also available with Modbus only communication without display.


The flow transmitters feature a SD card to access internal storage information such as configuration details, calibration protocols and manuals. Operators can also access log data and configure operating parameters via the SD card and change TCD firmware in the field. TCD 9000 Series Transmitters are designed for numerous product certifications and developed for hazardous areas. For more information, visit the TRICOR Coriolis product page.


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