Flow Transmitter A High Flyer With Aerospace Designers

As per FCI, aerospace flight system design engineers find its AS-FT flow transmitter to be a rugged, highly reliable thermal dispersion technology sensor that is ideal for mission-critical air, gas and fluid monitoring systems on both commercial and military aircraft. It meets the demand for full qualification compliance with the performance and measurement capability necessary to serve a wide variety of aircraft air/gas/fluid flow applications.  With their 100:1 turndown capability, they are suitable for systems that support the monitoring of fuel, hydraulics, bleed air, liquid coolant, environmental control systems, pneumatic air cycle kits, lubrication and more.


The transmitter measures air from 0.25 SFPS to 1000 SFPS [0.07 NMPS to 305 NMPS].   Measurement of fuel, hydraulic fluid or coolant is available from 0.01 SFPS to 10 SFPS [0,003 MPS to 3 MPS].  The measurement range for water and ethylene glycol (EGW) is from 0.01 SFPS to 5 SFPS [0.003 MPS to 1.5 MPS].  Accuracy for measurement is ± 2% of full scale; higher accuracy optionally available.  Temperature accuracy is ± 1°F [± 1°C] over the specified range.

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Manufactured with rugged materials, the robust FCI AS-FT flow transmitters operate from -40°F to 250°F [-40°C to 121°C].  They are proof pressure tested up to 2000 psig [138 bar (g)] or greater as required by application. Certifications include:  MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and RTCA / DO-160.


The AS-FT flow transmitter consists of a flow element that is inserted into the application’s process and a control unit that can be mounted integrally or remotely. The wetted portion of the sensor probe is hermetically sealed, made of stainless steel parts joined by gas tungsten arc weld or nickel braze. The element construction provides excellent corrosion resistance that can withstand up to 2000 psig or more in line pressures. The insertion length is specified for the application to position the thermowells in the center of the flow stream.


The AS-FT flow transmitter’s electronics are mounted in an environmentally sealed enclosure with a gasket under the lid. Power input is 22-29 Vdc per MIL-STD-704. The electronics maintain a temperature difference between the two RTDs by providing a current to the heater adjacent to the active RTD. The electrical current to the heater is repeatable and proportional to the mass flow rate of the process fluid. Peruse a datasheet on the AS-FT product page.


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