Flow Switch Provides Reliable Drying Of Medical Devices After Sterilization

Flow Switch Provides Reliable Drying Of Medical Devices After Sterilization
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The original endoscope invented in Germany in 1806 was limited in function compared to today where there are numerous specialized endoscope versions to view the brain, larynx, esophagus, blood vessels, kidneys, colon, joint, nasal cavities, bronchi, and other areas of the body. They are all long, thin tubes with a camera and light source attached that are inserted through a natural body opening or an incision. They can both investigate and perform minor surgeries. They are minimally invasive and pose few risks.

Like any medical device entering the human body, endoscopes require sterilization and drying afterwards. Sterilization equipment for endoscopes ensure the instruments are thoroughly dried, both internally and externally, after decontamination. This is achieved with dual HEPA filtered hot air. According to its maker, the KAL-L thermal air flow switch provides one such solution.

KOBOLD KAL-L flow switch

The KOBOLD KAL-L flow switch allows rapid detection of flow rate changes in non-hazardous gases. Using two RTDs, one to sense flow and the other to detect ambient temperature, the switch can compensate for thermal changes in its surroundings. This “smart” behavior minimizes erroneous switching due to changes caused by things such as the weather. The switch supports almost any conceivable pipe size by the insertion style design. Knowledge of the flow velocity in the system is all that is necessary. Other applications include air conditioning systems, ventilation systems and conveying plants.

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