Flow Sensor Element from Innovative Sensor Technology

Flow Sensor Element from Innovative Sensor Technology
Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)

Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) AG, Wattwil, Switzerland, offers the microflowSens mass flow sensor element with a <10 ms response time. The 2.23 by 3.5 mm chip has measuring resistors wired in a Wheatstone bridge to minimize the number of external electronic components devices. The resistors, lined up in a row, cause a temperature gradient when the surrounding media flows over it; signal strength correlates to mass flow and sign of the gradient reflects the direction of flow. The positioning holes let you position the device and mount the sensors to a PCB. Applications include medical flow measurements and differential pressure monitoring.

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Company: Innovative Sensor Technology (IST)
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 71-987-73-73
Fax: +41 71-987-73-77

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