Flow Meters Ease LNG Boil-Off Apps

Flow Meters Ease LNG Boil-Off Apps

Allison Engineering debuts a special flow-meter application for its ST110 Gas Flow Meters being used on board Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ships to measure boil-off gas, the natural wastage gas generated in the storage tanks. The process involves natural gas being cooled down to -163ºC at atmospheric pressure, at which point the gas condenses to a liquid ready for transportation via tankers. The tanks on board an LNG carrier effectively function as giant thermoses in order to keep the liquid gas cold during storage. However, no insulation is perfect and the liquid is often boiling during the voyage. The solution is for reliquefaction and boil-off. Uniquely, the ST110 has the ability to be functionally tested and calibrated without the need to remove the sensor from the pipeline. It features an internal purge tube that runs the length of the sensor and allows the operator to generate a known flow across the sensor element. The resultant signal output can then be compared to the factory baseline test certificate.

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