Flow-Meter Probe Supports Large Pipe Diameters

Flow-Meter Probe Supports Large Pipe Diameters
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The DVE flow-meter probe can be used where large pipe diameters prevent the economical use of in-line meters. A unique probe design enables it to be used in central supply lines for steam, hot water, or gases in pipe diameters up to 600 mm... Installation from the top can be done in existing pipes. Optional integrated temperature and pressure measurement along as many as three analog outputs give a detailed overview. Other features include a fully-welded construction with no seals and an operating temperature range from -200°C to +400°C. Also available, energy monitoring software that promises to optimize consumption and save up to 30% in energy. A datasheet is available at http://www.heinrichs.eu/uploads/tx_rsbproductdownload/dve_db_en.pdf

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