In-Flight Ice Sensor Is Radio Compatible

In-Flight Ice Sensor Is Radio Compatible
New Avionics Corp.

For aircraft applications, the company’s next-generation Model 9732-PLASTIC ice-detecting sensor offers electro-magnetic compatibility for low speed aircraft operating in intense radio environments. Consisting of a probe, housing, circuit board, and lightweight blue cable, the unit has been tested at NASA Glenn and complies with defacto in-flight ice-detection standard SAE AS 5498. Test data and test report available upon request. The sensor features an all-plastic sensor probe that is entirely optical and senses ICE when molecules of H2O freeze and accumulate on its surfaces with a sensitivity of 0.01 inch of ice or better. Additionally the component consumes less than 5W and outputs 3.3V of logic data that describes the relative rate of ice accumulation on the aircraft. For more details, visit:
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