Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. Interviews with TheStockRadio.com

DRAPER, UT -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. announces its recent interview with TheStockRadio.com, Inc., an audio interview company dedicated to raising awareness for small-cap and OTC public companies, is now available online at TheStockRadio.com.

During the interview, Clark Mower, CEO of Flexpoint, discusses the company's business model, its unique "Bend Sensor" technology and product advantages as well as Flexpoint's growth strategy and plans for 2015.

"We are a publicly traded company called a development stage company. The majority of our revenue is derived from design, development and engineering. We have no long-term debt, and our short term debt is limited to convertible notes that we've used for cash raising in the past. There's also some short-term trade debt that's just in the normal course of trade. We primarily manufacture Bend Sensors... and we have a proprietary coating and manufacturing process, and we hold numerous domestic and international patents on applications," Mr. Mower said.

He added, "To date, we have over 13 million sensors that have been produced and sold into many different applications and industries. The Bend Sensor is a very robust, accurate, reliable and cost-effective switch. It has tremendous design flexibility. It can be shaped and molded. It has simple construction with no moving parts. It has single-layer construction so its thin construction allows for multiple applications. It has cost advantages, because of its single layer. It can be shaped into any particular shape and size that you need for your application. It's small and light-weight and easily packaged. It's very sensitive to small movements. There's no sensor ventilation needed. It can be used in a variety of applications and environments, and it is particularly good in harsh environments. Dust, dirt, liquids, temperature and pressure have little effect on it, and it's been cycled over 30 million times without failure."

The full audio can be found at:

For more info, visit http://www.flexpoint.com

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