Flexpoint Sensor Systems Horn Switch System Completes Vehicle Testing for Large Automobile Manufacturer

DRAPER, UT -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. announced that they have received notice that the Fortune 100 Automobile maker has completed their hands–on in-vehicle testing and the rigorous driving test of the horn switch system. These tests are required before systems can be included in future vehicle models. The driving test includes a 150,000 mile driving test in which the systems must function under actual driving conditions. The system functioned properly and there were no outstanding issues.

The in-vehicle testing and hands-on experience gave each of the departments within the automaker a chance to see the operational system in place. The testing also gave designers and engineers an opportunity to experience the system in an actual automobile. The product can now be designated for incorporation into future vehicle programs.

It is expected that as the horn switch units are integrated into the first available program, the sensor will be expanded to integrate control switches onto the horn pad. The application will likely be expanded to additional models of automobiles and light trucks.

As previously announced, an automotive platform typically ranges from 150,000 to 4 million cars. A product is typically launched in a platform of between 50,000-100,000 vehicles for a "shake-out" period and then incorporated into additional vehicles in future years. Once in full production, the annual revenue will grow over time as the steering wheels in additional vehicle platforms are fitted with Flexpoint's horn switch system.

"We are pleased with the reported results and are pleased with achieving this crucial milestone," said Flexpoint CEO Clark Mower. "It is essential to have had our technology validated by world leaders in the automotive industry. With the "Implementation ready status" previously received, the path is cleared for the technology to be adopted into automobile models. I am optimistic that our success will continue to grow and increase as more and more individuals within the company become knowledgeable about this system."

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