Flexpoint Receives Purchase Order for Sensors for Fire Truck Safety Systems

DRAPER, UT- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. announced that they have received a purchase order for 500 seat sensors to be used in a brand new safety and security system for fire apparatus. The order is divided into three delivery dates with the first two orders scheduled for delivery in early and mid December with the balance to be delivered in early January, 2014.

Vista Brake Lock Systems was invented to address a real need in the world today; safety and security of fire apparatus. Randy Smathers, owner/inventor is an active Division Chief within a prominent Fire Department in Florida. Randy, having personal knowledge of the increased liability facing department's today, created a solution that is unlike any other. Fire apparatus equipped with the Vista System will be protected 24/7 and reduce departmental liability.

When added to vehicles equipped with air brakes, the system will prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle and renders the vehicle immobile. The operator simply pulls the air brake knob to activate the system. This innovative technology addresses major safety concerns and can be retrofitted to any existing vehicle, as well as, new manufacture.

This is the ONLY system that does not require the operator to do anything additional to secure the vehicle when parking; simply apply the brake like you normally would and Vista Brake Lock will do the rest. The operator is only required to enter an individual access code for Vista to disconnect and allow the vehicle to move — it's that simple!

Flexpoint CEO Clark Mower stated, "We are pleased to be included in this innovative system and continue to receive positive results from custom sensors designed for safety systems. We believe that this initial order will lead to additional orders for the system as marketing of the system increases. VISTA Brake Lock is committed to aggressive participation in the 2014 trade show circuit and is scheduled to be featured in several shows this year."

For more information, visit http://www.flexpoint.com 

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