Flexpoint Exploring Security Uses of Sensor Technology

DRAPER, UT /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc. announced it has been approached by industry experts who are looking to adapt the Bend Sensor technology to the security industry, including uses to monitor fences.

One of the initial concepts calls for placing Bend Sensors along posts in a fence application to monitor movement along the fence. Relying on the sensors' ability to measure motion or movement, the sensors could distinguish a human contacting the fence or attempting to climb over or cut through the fence. If the resistance created by the movement exceeds the set threshold, the system would signal an alert to notify owners or agencies of the attempted entrance.

"This is a very exciting application and one which we can easily adapt to our technology," stated Flexpoint's CEO Clark Mower. "Numerous companies and organization use fences to protect their borders and businesses. An application like this has the potential to significantly contribute to our fiscal future."

Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc.
Flexpoint manufactures a patented cutting-edge flexible sensor that has also proven to be an extremely durable switch. The single layer Bend Sensor product allows for the measurement of mechanical movement, airflow, water flow, or even vibration. It can be used as a range of motion sensor or as a durable and reliable switch in most harsh environments. Flexpoint serves numerous industries, including automotive, medical, industrial controls, and more.

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