Flexible System Enables Low-Cost CMOS Image Sensor/Camera Module Testing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (from company release) Jova Solutions has announced Version 2 of Image Sensor Lab ISL-1600, an expanded version of its CMOS image sensor and camera module test solution, which provides a full range of CMOS image sensor interface, control, test, evaluation and comparison capabilities in one low-cost (less than $5000), small-footprint test product. The fully integrated hardware/software system supports testing on a wide variety of CMOS image sensors, with a full complement of evaluation and test functionality, for needs ranging from end-product development to manufacturing line functional testing.

The ISL-1600 features, out-of-box, a fully integrated interface, control and test electronics, and advanced analysis and characterization software. It provides CMOS image sensor die manufacturers, module developers, and end-product manufacturers with a low-cost, simple way to interface to, control and test CMOS image sensors/modules. It also promises product development engineers sophisticated software to fully exercise and evaluate image sensors/modules.

ISL-1600 2.0 is a generic engineering solution for the full evaluation of CMOS image sensors that can test most image sensor designs, regardless of the die or module manufacturer. ISL-1600 2.0 provides a low-cost replacement to "dinosaur" test equipment solutions, which initially cost many thousands of dollars and are quickly becoming obsolete. It replaces "cobbled together" in-house systems that combine sensors, power supplies and cables with homegrown software to create an ad hoc test system. And, it provides superior performance compared to dedicated-chip demo boards provided by die manufacturers or unreliable manual inspection.

"The ISL-1600 provided us with a turnkey solution for our CMOS image sensor based camera module testing requirements. Instead of spending valuable engineering hours developing a custom hardware interface for our camera modules we could focus our efforts on developing our products," said George Kelly, Advanced Development Manager at Aurora Optical. Aurora Optical, Biomorphic, Epos, Exbiblio, Flextronics, Imaging Works, Multi-Fineline Electronix and Samsung and are using ISL-1600 for sensor testing and evaluation.

"We built the ISL 1600 to respond to a growing need by CMOS image sensor users to compare and evaluate dies and modules both for product development and test," said Martin Vasey, CEO of Jova Solutions. "ISL 1600 Version 1 had an excellent reception in the field. Version 2, amongst other changes, adds bi-directional voltage level buffers, improved Master Clock options, SPI and I2C sensor communication, and double buffered and consecutive image sequence capture."

About Jova Solutions
Jova Solutions (formerly WireWorks West) provides advanced solutions and services for automation and networked data management for many industries including: Image Sensor Lab ISL-1600 for CMOS image sensor testing; EMWorks for electronics manufacturing; Test Instrument Module Systems (TIMS) for I2C/SPI communication or motion control; and FermWorks for biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratory process control and data management. Leveraging its proven core platforms for process control, Jova Solutions creates software solutions and complementary products that match the business and technical requirements of specific markets. Jova Solutions' biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers include: Applied Biosystems, Bayer, BioMarin, Centocor, Genentech, Medtronic, MIT, NexBio, Novozymes, San Jose State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and Visx. Its electronics manufacturing, and telecommunications clients include: Aurora Optical, Apple Computer, Biomorphic, Exbiblio, Epos, Ericsson, Flexics, Flextronics, Imaging Works, Medtronic, Multi-Fineline Electronix, NASA Ames, Nanosys, New Focus, Nikon, Reliant, Samsung, Tessera and University of Florida.