Flexible Strip Provides Low-Cost, Reliable PCB Jumper Solution

Flexible Strip Provides Low-Cost, Reliable PCB Jumper Solution
TE Connectivity

Flexstrip jumpers are multi-conductor board-to-board connections that can be flexed repeatedly without failure. Offered as a high-performance alternative to conventional point-to-point wiring, the flexible jumpers are suitable for a wide range of applications including computers, handheld terminals, barcode readers, printers, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and household appliances. The flat conductors employ a special manufacturing process involving the rolling flat of round conductors. This is what gives the Flexstrip its high flexibility. Conventional round pins at each end ensure simplified assembly and soldering. The smooth notchless transition from the flat conductor to the round contact pin guarantees a termination area that is break-proof and free of stress. Jumpers are available two to 65 conductors and in nine different pitches. Jumper lengths are up to 30 inches, and various pin lengths are available. There is a choice of 15 different terminations on either end and the copper conductors are tin-plated for easy soldering.

TE Connectivity
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