Flexible Solar Cell Raises Efficiency Bars

Alta Devices’ latest single-junction solar cell has been certified by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as being 28.9% efficient. Reportedly, the certification confirms that Alta has set a new record and continues to hold the world record efficiency for this type of solar cell.


Autonomous systems are supposed to operate without human intervention. However, every time an autonomous system or vehicle needs to refuel or recharge, it requires intervention and is no longer truly autonomous. Alta focuses on developing the world’s best solar technology specifically for autonomous power, allowing vehicles to seamlessly recharge while in motion.

Fierce AI Week

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Alta Devices has recently launched its Gen4 AnyLight commercial technology, demonstrating a significant weight reduction from the previous version, resulting in an improved power to weight ratio of 160 percent. This is critical for tomorrow’s autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electric vehicles, and sensors. It can be used to generate substantial power over small surfaces without compromising design criteria. For more information, visit Alta Devices technology page.

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