FLEXcon Teams With Polestar Technologies On Optical CO2 Sensor

SPENCER, MA --- FLEXcon Company, Inc. partners with Polestar Technologies in Needham Heights, Massachusetts, to manufacture optical sensor technology for use with life support systems such as the mixed gas rebreathers used by emergency personnel as well as for recreational diving. Polestar Technologies holds intellectual property for a sensing composite that needed to be coated on a pressure-sensitive product. FLEXcon, through application testing with Polestar and work with suppliers, successfully manufactured a commercial quantity of the product that will be generally available to the diving community in the near future.

The rebreather product is a quarter-sized disc of polymer film that changes from blue to yellow in a reversible and predictable way when exposed to CO2. A white LED light illuminates the disc from a sealed pot below that houses the electronics. Then, a digital meter reads the color, which is converted to the CO2 level.


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