FlatFrog Presents New Zero air-gap ZG Touch Screen

LUND, Sweden - FlatFrog Laboratories AB, a leading provider of Win8 certified in-glass optical multi-touch systems, announced today its new optimal zero air-gap ZG touch screen designed for all displays including high definition (HD) quality displays.

The FlatFrog optimal touch screen combines a single cover glass with a zero air-gap technology, enabling true edge-to-edge designs with a perfect touch and viewing experience. By minimizing the distance between the display and touch module the industrial design can be made thinner and lighter allowing elimination of all parallax issues when touching, even at wide angles. With optional anti-reflective (AR) coating the light transmission is over 99% and any disturbing reflections are minimised without the need for expensive direct bonding of cover glass and LCD panel. You have never seen a touch enabled display quite like this.

Unlike projected capacitive touch, FlatFrog Touch has no sensor grid obstructing the viewing experience of the LCD screen. This ensures a superior viewing experience with maximum transparency and no image quality degradation. Furthermore, the FlatFrog technology is insensitive to LCD noise, so an additional shielding layer, that adds extra cost, is not required.

The optimal touch screen design is perfect for high resolution displays in tablets, computers and monitors as well as for large interactive flat panel displays used in education, conferencing and digital signage applications.

"With the new ZG™ touch screen technology FlatFrog Touch can now meet customer expectations for HD resolution displays with superior image quality, color and brightness from a wide range of viewing angles, making it ideal for screen sharing and boosting readability," said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog. "FlatFrog technology now offers OEMs the ability to upgrade their touch display investment with a stunning viewing experience at the right cost."

A range of high volume consumer PC products can already be enabled with FlatFrog Touch including Notebooks, Tablets, All-in-One PCs and Monitors. FlatFrog Touch is certified for Windows 8.1 and offers a premium touch experience supporting over 40 simultaneous touches at a lower cost than the leading projected capacitive touch technology.

Additionally FlatFrog Touch natively supports pressure sensing with over 10-bit resolution. FlatFrog Touch enables pressure sensitive drawing and writing without the need for an active stylus, as well as new application gestures for music, gaming and smart user interfaces.

For more information, visit http://www.flatfrog.com


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