FlatFrog Presents Latest Touch Innovations Integrating Gestures and Support for Curved Screens

FlatFrog has integrated its unique in-glass touch technology with gesture recognition. Integrated gesture recognition allows users to interact dynamically with the display, either in close proximity or at a distance. Just as touch was a leap forward in user interaction, the combination of touch and gestures will be the next step in the evolution of touch screens. The gesture functionality is integrated behind the touch module, enabling true flush, edge-to-edge designs with minimum mechanical design changes to the customer product. The combination of touch and gestures into a single interface product will enable new powerful user experiences and exciting application features.

FlatFrog Touch for Curved Screens

FlatFrog is showcasing with lead customers our latest curved screen touch solution. FlatFrog's in-glass touch technology detects touches by transmitting light inside the glass cover lens independent of its shape. Touches can therefore be detected on curved and bent cover lenses with perfect optical clarity. Curved screens help reduce reflections that impact brightness and color and enables better readability. FlatFrog believes the use of curved screens will be increasing prevalent in PC, monitor and TV applications - all target markets for FlatFrog Touch.

FlatFrog ZG touchscreens in up to 65"sizes

FlatFrog now offers a range of zero air gap (ZG[TM]) touch screens for displays from 20" to 65". The products are available in different versions from 2 touches up to over 40 simultaneous touches. They all offer perfect optical clarity in an ultra-thin, flush edge-to-edge design.

Optional features include:

-- Unlimited glove support
-- Palm rejection
-- Built-in multi-finger pressure detection
-- Windows 8.1 certification
-- Support for stylus with 1.5 mm tip

A range of high-volume consumer PC products can already be enabled with FlatFrog Touch including, Tablets, PCs and Monitors. The ZG[TM] design is perfect for high-resolution displays in computers and monitors as well as for large interactive flat panel displays used for education, conferencing, gaming and digital signage applications.

"With our latest achievements, FlatFrog In-glass Touch technology is proven superior to the leading projected capacitive technology in terms of flexibility and support for new user interface functions for the PC and Large Screen market. FlatFrog Touch enables cost-efficient scaling of display size and seamless integration of new features." said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog. "FlatFrog already offers a superior performance touch product that is now future-proof."

For more information, visit http://www.flatfrog.com

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