Flat Earth and Olea Sensor Networks Collaborate for Industrial Truck Market

Reno, NV --- Olea Sensor Networks announces the formation of a joint venture with Flat Earth, Inc. of Bozeman, Montana for further development of their OleaVisionTM technology and to enable delivery of the next generation of collision avoidance and people detection technologies for the industrial truck market. According to OSHA, forklift accidents, alone, are the cause of about 35,000 serious injuries a year, nearly 100 of which are fatal, and the industry is constantly and aggressively seeking technologies to mitigate these risks and save lives.

Olea Sensor Networks, as a proven leader in the development of advanced vital sign detection technologies, currently offers OleaVisionTM technology for collision avoidance and life presence detection for the automotive, industrial truck and security markets. OleaVision™ continuously scans the area, including blind spots, differentiates between animate and inanimate objects, “sees” around corners by seeing through walls, and alerts the operator of life forms that may be in imminent danger, giving the operator time to react. It is equally effective in limited visibility due to darkness or inclement weather. The next generation of OleaVision™ will further advance its range and sensitivity to life forms.

This next generation of OleaVisionTM technology is expected to be available by the late summer of 2016.

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