Flame Arrestors Are Customizable


BelGAS FM offers its full line of flame arrestors for the oil and gas industry. Designed to stop ignited vapors from traveling backward into the vent line or tank, the components prevent explosions, burns, and other hazards. The company’s suite of flame arrestors includes burner arrestors, inline arrestors, stack arrestors, and vent arrestors.


An estimated 90% of the components used to make each product are manufactured in-house, giving BelGAS FM reliable quality controls over each piece produced. The in-house engineering team assists with custom orders, often performing calculations based on customer-supplied data to reverse engineer a product that will perform as needed.


Another key differentiator of BelGAS FM flame arrestors is a face plate with a pressed and sealed sight glass, rather than one that is welded or held in place with a lock nut. This eliminates seams and gaps, reduces the chance of leaks, and better withstands equipment vibration. For more insights, visit the Marsh Bellofram Group.