Fixed or Portable NIST Traceable Multi-Range Moisture Analyzers

Edgetech Instruments, Inc. announces an updated and improved line of portable and fixed location trace moisture analyzer instrumentation. Unlike other techniques, these devices can also measure higher levels of moisture near saturation with no ill effects. The DewMaster and PDM75 moisture analyzers are now available with the recently released X3 high performance chilled mirror moisture sensor. The X3 sensor is a drift free, primary method device with certification traceable to NIST. There is no degradation of the life or performance of the X3 sensor when operating near saturation or at very low moisture levels for long periods.

Most other technologies have restrictions when measuring near saturation because of negative effects on their sensors. The chilled mirror sensors used in these analyzers are not affected by long exposure to very high or very low moisture conditions and reliably respond quickly, without ambiguity, when moisture levels change. No special isolation or sampling systems are required.

When pressure and temperature sensors are added, these analyzers display user selectable units of measurement in degrees C or F dew/frost point temperature, relative humidity, parts per million by volume or weight, wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures, grains per pound or grams per kilogram. They also display pressure and temperature, and accurately measure dew/frost point or ppm moisture at any pressure within their operating range. Readings are unaffected by changes in pressure since the analyzers continuously measure it and report the correct moisture value at the measured pressure.

The DewMaster and the PDM75 are perfect choices for accurately measuring moisture content in dynamic processes such as purged laser systems, isolation chambers, glove boxes, semiconductor manufacturing, product and monomer storage, high purity welding and moisture sensitive process environments.

For more information:
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