Five Star Introduces New Conductive Polymer Thick Films

CLEVELAND /PRNewswire/ -- Five Star Technologies announced that it will introduce ElectroSperse P-series silver-based conductor pastes at Display Week 2008 in Los Angeles on May 18–23. The new pastes are designed for use on low-temperature plastic substrates typically found in such applications as display electrodes, touch screen sensors, heaters, RFID antenna, biosensors, and membrane switches. The initial P-series products are targeted for use in touch screen sensors, combining high productivity and ease of use with excellent conductivity and exceptional printability. The new pastes demonstrate excellent adhesion to a variety of flexible media, including indium tin oxide–coated polyester.

Like all pastes in the ElectroSperse line, the P-series products contain a highly uniform dispersion of silver, with a tightly controlled particle size distribution in the low to sub-micron range. Such uniformity enables customers to directly print features as small as 50 µm, with much greater precision and consistency than conventional pastes, eliminating the need for costly subtractive processes. Initial grades are intended for screen-printing applications, but Five Star will soon introduce a series of products with controlled rheology to match a variety of printing processes.

The ElectroSperse line also includes D-series silver-based cermet pastes, designed for firing onto glass and other high-temperature substrates. D-series pastes are available in both leaded and lead-free versions and offer a unique combination of high-conductivity, fine-line printing, and strong adhesion to coated-glass substrates. Specific grades are available with firing temperatures as low as 380°C, a temperature that often lends itself to significantly greater overall product stability. D-series pastes are ideal for printed interconnects and linearization patterns in capacitive and 5-wire resistive touch screen sensors.

About Five Star
Five Star Technologies is a supplier of high-performance dispersions, inks, and pastes used in displays, photovoltaics, and microelectronic packaging applications. Combining its patented hydrodynamic cavitation process with innovative chemistry, Five Star produces the ElectroSperse series of inks and pastes, as well as a wide range of precision dispersions. All Five Star products exhibit unparalleled rheological stability and exceptional particle-size control, creating the future in functional inks.

About Display Week
The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, now in its 46th year and known as Display Week, is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and users in the electronic-display industry. The event provides access to a wide range of technology and applications, from high-definition flat-panel displays using both emissive and liquid-crystal technology to the latest in OLED displays and large-area projection-display systems. One can find state-of-the-art information on the latest in image processing, systems software and display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision, and exciting new applications, such as multimedia and the electronic cinema. With more than 550 booths and 8000 attendees, SID is the "leading North American show for the electronic-display industry."

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