Five-Axis Printer Cranks Out Fully Printed Sensors

Five-Axis Printer Cranks Out Fully Printed Sensors

The commercial Aerosol Jet 5-axis Printer (AJ-5X) is capable of outputting fully printed sensors, antenna and molded interconnect devices (MID). The system is equipped with both Sprint Ultrasonic and Pneumatic atomization to support the widest range of material inputs, ranging from basic conductors, insulators and adhesives, to ceramics, polymers and biomaterials. The “inks” used in the AJ-5X system are available from numerous established material suppliers, including Dupont, Xerox, Asahi, Henkel, Sun Chemical, etc. The unit comes with two complementary print heads including the Fine Feature Print Head for printing features ranging from 10 µm to 200 µm and the Wide Feature Print Heads that are instrumental in printing antenna and coating layers. Furthermore, the AJ-5X supports several different and complementary approaches for printing sensors onto 3D parts. For more details, visit

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