First-of-its-kind Cyber Security Product Unifies Vulnerability Detection & Attack Protection

PALO ALTO, CA -- Contrast Security announces Contrast Enterprise as the first and only enterprise security software product that fully integrates the ability to find and fix application vulnerabilities during development, and monitor and block application attacks in production, all within one unified environment. The result is continuous application security that provides security visibility, assessment and protection in real-time and in parallel across the entire application portfolio.

Contrast Enterprise uses patented deep security instrumentation to automatically weave vulnerability detection, threat visibility and attack protection directly into applications, without requiring any application changes or security experts. While these applications are running, highly accurate context is instantly generated about where applications are vulnerable and under attack.

Before Contrast Enterprise, these two capabilities were only available in separate, siloed products from different vendors. Even when vendors have partnered and integrated application security testing tools with attack protection products, the joint solutions have been too complicated and woefully inaccurate to deliver on the vision. These partially integrated solutions do not enable organizations to effectively practice Continuous Application Security.

Unique Technology Delivers Accuracy, Insight & Speed

Contrast's patented deep security instrumentation technology adds "sensors" and "actuators" into applications at runtime. Deep security instrumentation does not require organizations to re-code their applications, or modify them in any way. Instrumentation produces application security data which, when analyzed and transformed by Contrast Enterprise, enables teams across the enterprise to manage and control application security.

Sensors collect telemetry from the running application and are totally passive. They form the basis of Contrast Enterprise with Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). Actuators collect information necessary to detect attacks, can block attacks, and are the basis of Contrast Enterprise with Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP).

Continuous Protection for All Applications

The RASP and IAST capabilities of Contrast Enterprise leverage a single agent to instrument applications and deliver accurate, automated and continuous application security. Contrast Enterprise also provides a unified user interface for both IAST and RASP. This allows administrators to visualize both halves of the application lifecycle, knowing where they are vulnerable and where they are being attacked.

Contrast Enterprise delivers application security at the speed and scale that modern application environments require.

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