First DSI-Ready MCUs Hit The Streets

First DSI-Ready MCUs Hit The Streets

Said to be the world’s first MCUs to integrate the MIPI-DSI microcontrollers (MCUs), the STM32F469/479 also claim to deliver the industry’s highest ARM Cortex-M4 processor performance of 608 CoreMark at 180 MHz. With up to 2MB dual-bank Flash and 384KB RAM, they support advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) and wearable applications. Evaluation boards include the STM32469I-EVAL and STM32479I-EVAL with added cryptographic capability. The ARM mbed-enabled STM32F469I-DISCO Discovery Board comes with a WVGA MIPI-DSI color touchscreen. All boards feature embedded demonstration software that highlights the microcontroller capabilities and the advanced graphics performance achievable with high-resolution displays. For further information, visit

Burlington, MA

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Company: STMicroelectronics
Country: Switzerland

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