First Commercial Optical Processing System Takes Center Stage

Optalysys Ltd. unveils the FT:X 2000, what it’s calling the world’s first optical co-processor system. As demand for artificial intelligence (AI) escalates and silicon-based processing faces the breakdown of Moore’s Law, the FT:X 2000 boasts optical processing technology that will allegedly enable new and higher levels of AI performance for high resolution image and video-based applications.



The system can accelerate some of the most demanding processor-intensive tasks at a fraction of the energy consumption of silicon processors. It can be programmed through the API or Tensorflow interface to perform optical correlation and convolution functions.



The FT:X2000 is an entry-level system that operates at up to 2400 frames per second with a 2048x1536 resolution. There are a limited number of systems available for order through [email protected]. For more details, visit OPTALYSYS.


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